Jaune Fabrique is a unique contrast,
A marriage of contemporary objects and modern technologies,
A balance between physical forms and digital interactions,
An audacious match between craftsmanship and innovation.
The bedroom.

A new way
to wake-up


    Meet ALTO.

    The wake-up lamp

    Wake-up smoothly and in your own personalized way thanks to its built-in functionalities.
    Alto la lampe de chevet réveil connectée - Jaune Fabrique

    Wake-up with music.

    Alto wakes you up with fine music selections and a choice of useful and creative audio contents.

    Wake-up with light.

    Alto has a dimmable light to wake you up gently and fit to every moment of your mornings and evenings.

    Designed by Paul Louda.

    Alto is made in France, in a mixture of solid brass, steel mesh and matte finish aluminium.
    It comes in multiples colors:

    Alto is tailored to your mornings.

    Music, discoveries, ambient sounds, culture ... Jaune Fabrique partners with qualitative brands and media to customize your morning routine.
    Wake Up Light  Jaune Fabrique Alto
    Wake up zen sound atmosphere nature - Jaune Fabrique Alto
    Wake up music playlist spotify streaming - Jaune Fabrique Alto
    Alto is easy to control.
    Turn and push the cylindrical buttons to control light and sound.
    Personnalize your wake up experience with your smartphone.
    Jaune Fabrique Companion App mobile iOS Android application
    Alto is easy to control.
    Setup your alarms and routines with the companion app.
    Jaune Fabrique Companion App mobile iOS Android application
    Alto brick color - The connected bedside lamp  that wakes you up


    Exclusively available to hotels,
    Upcoming launch to individuals.

    Mailing list :
    Jaune Fabrique is a trademark and a company based in Paris, France.